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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Kimble's December Postmark Calendar

Kimble's December Calendar
Into the Deep Blue
As a collaborative project, Dan and I are presenting a postmark calendar for all 366 possible days of the year, represented by interesting appropriate date cancellation stamps from the Kimble collection.

We are publishing, during 2017, a monthly blog post with the date postmarks for that month for everyone's enjoyment.

With this December post, there is a date stamp for every day of the year!

The introduction, dedication, and links to the other months that have been published, is included with the January post.

December Postmark Calendar

December 1
USA 1864 Scott R15c 2c orange "Washington"
Internal Revenue
New York

December 2
China 1898 Scott 100 2c scarlet
Chinese Imperial Post

December 3
Great Britain 1902 Scott 127 1/2p gray green "Edward VII"

December 4
Great Britain 1902 Scott 127 1/2p gray green "Edward VII"
Chiddingfold, District of Surrey  Thanks Catalin!

December 5
USA 1933 Scott 728 1c yellow green
"Restoration of Fort Dearborn"

December 6
Belgium 1923 Scott 151a 25c dull violet
"King Albert"

December 7
USA 1936 Scott 790 1c green
"John Paul Jones and John Barry"
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

December 8
Great Britain 1881 Scott 89 1p lilac "Victoria"
"48" is the post office number for Barnard Castle (Durham). Thanks to Bud

December 9
Sweden 1896 Scott 59 15o red brown
"King Oscar II"
Ljusne, Sweden

December 10
Sweden 1920 Scott 150 80o deep green
"Crown and Post Horn"
Eskilstuna in Sodermanland county  Thanks Catalin & Steamboat!

December 11
Great Britain 1911 Scott 152 1p carmine
"George V"
Haywards Heath Thanks Bud!

December 12
Japan 1930 Scott 135 7s red orange

December 13
Great Britain 1887 Scott 111 1/2p vermilion

December 14
Great Britain 1881 Scott 89 1p lilac "Victoria"
Woolwich is a district in south-east London.

December 15
Japan 1888 Scott 79 10s brown orange
"Imperial Crest, Star and Kiri Branches"
Shanghai..a Japanese Office there? Thanks Bud!

December 16
USA 1864 Scott R15c 2c orange "Washington"
Internal Revenue

December 17

Netherlands 1894 Scott 36 2c olive yellow
"Numeral of Value"
's Herogenbosch  Thanks Axel

December 18

Belgium 1907 Scott 84 5c green
Schaerbeek, a municipality of Brussels  Thanks Catalin!

December 19

USA 1916 Scott 463 2c carmine "Washington"
Dubuque, Iowa

December 20
Great Britain 1902 Scott 127 1/2p gray green "Edward VII"
Lugan, a city in Northern Ireland Thanks Catalin

December 21
Great Britain 1902 Scott 127 1/2p gray green "Edward VII"

December 22
Great Britain 1912 Scott 160 1p scarlet "George V"

December 23
Denmark 1940 Scott 227A 8o yellow green
Holbaek, Denmark

December 24
Bavaria 1911 Scott 78 5pf dark green/green
"Prince Regent Luitpold"
(hafen am Rhein)..Ludwigshafen? Thanks Axel

December 25
Great Britain 1902 Scott 127 1/2p gray green "Edward VII"

December 26
Canada 1899 Scott 77 2c carmine "Victoria"

December 27
Belgium 1900 Scott 66 10c bright rose "Leopold"

December 28
Belgium 1905 Scott 85 10c dull rose
"King Leopold"

December 29
Great Britain 1887 Scott 111 1/2p vermilion
Loughborough?  Thanks Bud!

December 30
Sweden 1891 Scott 56 5o yellow green
"King Oscar II"
Baggetorp, Sweden  Thanks Catalin

December 31
Great Britain 1887 Scott 111 1/2p vermilion

Canada 1927 Scott 142 2c green
"The Fathers of the Confederation"
Out of the Blue
Some of the postmarks are identified, others are not. Help from readers is appreciated. ;-)

Note: all of the stamps featured for the post are part of the Kimble collection. 

Comments appreciated!


  1. Hi, Jim! Let'see...
    - December 4 - Chiddingfold, district of Surrey, England
    - December 18 - Schaerbeek, one of the nineteen municipalities of Brussels, Belgium
    I'll come back with more of these! :)

  2. For December, 10th - Eskilstuna, a city in the Södermanland county, Sweden.

    1. Really appreciate the city sleuthing Caitlin!

    2. Hello again, Jim!
      First of all, I want to thank you for these 12 beautiful chances to discover once again how fun is to collect stamps! :)
      I also want to add 2 more discoveries for December:
      - Dec. 20 - I guess is Lurgan city, situated in Northern Ireland;
      - Dec. 30 - I guess is Baggetorp, a bimunicipal town situated in Sweden.
      All the best wishes!

    3. Thanks so much Catalin - best wishes to you too!

  3. Dec. 11 -- Possibly Haywards Heath.
    Dec. 16 -- Looks like Shanghai, perhaps a Japanese office there. Shanghai cancels sometimes have an eight point star.
    Dec. 29 -- Maybe Loughborough, but that would require filling in a great many blanks.

    1. Great guesses Bud. I put them in.

  4. December 17 :

    December 24 :
    ... hafen am Rhein
    but which...
    Ludwigshafen perhaps?

    1. Thanks Axel. Good guesses, I added them.

    2. Dec. 8 -- 48 is the post office number for Barnard Castle (Durham).

    3. Thanks Bud. You must have some specialized literature!

    4. No specialized literature, but used this helpful website: